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The Skipper (real name unknown) is the captain of The Rotting Pelican. He is a resident of "Barnacle Bay", an Island in New England. He and his crew mainly fished for "Yum Yum Fish", but had fallen on hard times after overfishing drove all the Yum Yums away. After accidentally burning down the boardwalk, Homer is forced to join the crew in order to pay off his debts. They go searching for Yum Yum Fish, with little luck. However, after Homer accidentally beer battered the fishing hooks, they caught many Yum Yum fish. Suddenly a "Perfect Storm" started and the crew found itself trapped in the middle of the ocean. It was decided that they would abandon ship, but Bart had stowed away in the life raft compartment, and threw away the raft. The Rotting Pelican sank and the crew was stuck in the middle of the storm, but were saved by a Japanese Fishing boat. At the end, the Skipper agrees with Lisa's stern warnings about overfishing, and the residents of the island take up logging instead.