"Skinless in Seattle" is an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show.


Scratchy receives a love note that says "Meet me at the Space Needle." Arriving at the base of the Needle, with a bouquet of flowers, ready to meet his secret admirer, Scratchy is unaware that Itchy has set a trap for him. Itchy, meanwhile, is waiting at the top of the Needle. When he sees Scratchy, he throws a penny at him, but misses. Itchy then goes to a souvenir stand, gets a bunch of miniature souvenir Space Needles, returns to the top of the Needle, and throws them all at Scratchy. This time, he not only misses, but also ends up making an ironic heart shape around Scratchy, who remains oblivious to the murder attempts and is still thinking about his mystery lover. Now frustrated and annoyed, Itchy saws off the top half of the Space Needle, which topples over, falls, and hits Scratchy in the eye just as he looks up. Scratchy runs around screaming with half of the Space Needle stuck in his eyeball.


Lisa finds the cartoon to be hilarious and laughs loudly; however, Bart, who has recently sold his soul to Milhouse, doesn't react at all. He knows the cartoon is funny, but doesn't understand why he's not laughing.


This was the last time Dan Castellaneta plays Scratchy.