Six Toe County is a county in Florida.


When the Simpson family was on holiday in Florida, they lived in The Royal Fart Inn in the town. It was full of tom-fooling students, who were having Spring Break. Some of them edited the sign outside the hotel to The Royal Frat Inn. Homer quickly joined them, but Marge wanted him to rest, so she let him be tied to bed while she and the children were on the trip. However, Homer hitched a ride to beach, still being tied to bed.

Homer was on the concert of Kid Rock and Joe C., but he totally ruined it. The two rappers tried to attack him, but the sheriff stopped them and brought drunk Homer back to the hotel.

When Spring Break ended and the students left the hotel, Homer took his family through the swamp by an airboat. Unfortunately, they accidentally ran into an alligator named Captain Jack. The sheriff arrested them, but the family ran away. They started working at Diner, but the sheriff tracked them down. The family was sentenced to forced labor.

One day the sheriff asked them to be waiters at the party which they tried to escape from, but failed, because he noticed it. Suddenly, Captain Jack appeared on the party, alive and well. The Simpson family was released, but they were welcomed no more in Florida.