The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used To Be
Singin' In The Lane
Mr. Lisa's Opus

Singin' In The Lane is the seventh episode of Season 29.


Homer and the boys reunite their old bowling team to cheer Moe up, only to end up in fierce competition with a team of arrogant millionaires. Meanwhile, Lisa and Marge try to teach Bart that money isn't everything.

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The family is enjoying their dinner when Mr. Burns calls Homer to invite him at the basketball joust, after trying a really long list of people. Homer accepts, wanting to bring his friends. At Moe's Tavern, Homer invites Lenny, Carl, and Barney but excludes Moe, as Homer only has four tickets. Back at the Tavern after the game, they reform the Pin Pals with Moe as their captain. They go bowling and do a tournament, and in order to win, attend the state finals in Capital City, in a fancy bowling building. Their rivals, the Fund Bunch, having lost the first round, bullies people, including Moe. To prevent them from bullying, they make a wager: if Fund Bunch win, they win the bar and Moe has to change his name.If Pin Pals win, Moe will get something only a rich guy can have, although they find out how really good the rich guys are at bowling. For revenge on the geeky guys, Lisa incites them to find the Fund Bunch's weak spots while Bart is trying the rich life. Marge tries to teach him that money isn't everything, without any success. The final round is near, but Moe slips talking about Barney being bad when he is drunk and the Fund Bunch uses that trick to make him drunk to lose the game. Lisa and the other nerds succeed in making them feel bad, and Bart and Lisa reconcile. Barney is drunk, and Homer needs to make three strikes, while Moe imagines his life starting over in France if he loses. Moe tries to prevent Homer from striking, but fails, and he has to return to his old life, rejected by his friends for being a bad coach, but back at the tavern they surprise him, saying they are still a team. Since they won, the Fund Bunch get the Pin Pals something that only a rich person would have. In the final scene, the Fund Bunch are revealed to have given the Pin Pals a zero-gravity plane experience as their prize where Moe, Lenny, Carl, and Barney float while Homer does not.



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