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Simpsons World cover

Simpsons World: The Ultimate Episode Guide, published in 2010, is a book which combines The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family, The Simpsons Forever! A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family Continued, The Simpsons Beyond Forever! A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family... Still Continued, and The Simpsons: One Step Beyond Forever. It added updates covering seasons 15 through 20, and expanded all the episodes to at least two pages - episodes with more than one story, such as Treehouse of Horror, have four pages. There are also appendices listing all the songs, every time Homer says "D'oh!" or "Mmm...", all the Itchy and Scratchy Show episodes (including the ones without titlecards), and the differences between the various title sequences. There's also a full listing of couch gags and the writing seen outside the church. The episode pages include the chalkboard gags. It's recommended retail price is £95 in the UK.


The Daughter Also Rises (Intro) 3

Cameo on the show.