Certain articles on Simpsons Wiki can be nominated for speedy deletion.

Reasons for Speedy Deletion

  • Article covers nothing on The Simpsons.
  • Article is a blank page.
  • Article consists of pure nonsense.
  • Article contains speculated facts.
  • Article contains point of view statements.
  • Article contains spam links.
  • Article is boycotting sales for drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons etc.
  • Article is promoting sales for anything said above or this Wiki.
  • Article contains inappropriate content.
  • Article is about a fan made character, episode, or game.
  • Article is about something that does not need an article.
  • Article contains poor grammar, and capitalization.
  • Article is in a foreign language article that should be on another project.
  • Article does not fit into any categories.

Reasons for Image Deletion

  • Image is inappropriate.
  • Image is fan art.
  • Image has nothing to do with the Simpsons.
  • Image is stolen from Simpsonpedia.
  • Image is a duplicate or similar to another image.
  • Image is just a Simpsonized version of yourself.

Reasons for Category Deletion

  • Category contains one or no articles.
  • Category contains speculation.

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