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The Simpsons Chasing couch gag is the #th couch gag of Season 20. It is the first couch gag to be in HD. It has the Simpsons chasing the Couch through a series of places, until eventually catching it.


The Simpsons run to where the Couch originally is but find it missing. Homer sees it galloping down Evergreen Terrace and the family start chasing it. The couch hides behind the statue of Jebediah Springfield and the Simpsons run past. The next scene shows the Simpsons in a forest next to a burnt out fire. Marge spots Couch tracks and they follow them. The Simpsons and the couch then engage in a high speed chase on the road, with the Simpsons in a car not yet seen in the series. They then chase it down a river, and to India, only to discover it has escaped by tying all the bed sheets together and abseiling down the outside of the building. They finally catch it after riding a NASA space shuttle into space. The family sit on the couch and Homer orders it to return to their house. The crash land through the roof and Homer switches on the TV.

The TV is now a flatscreen and at the end of the episode, it falls down as if it was mounted to the wall.

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