The Simpsons Bendables were a toy line featuring the Simpsons and other characters in a rubber toy form. An adult in bendable form would be roughly 5 inches. The Bendable Sets ran from around 2001 to 2004. The sets that were available in bendable are: The Krusty the Clown Show, featuring Krusty The Klown, Bart Simpson, Corporal Punishment, Sideshow Mel, Sideshow Bob, and Mr. Teeny.

There was also The Simpsons Family set, featuring: Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Bart Simpson, Maggie Simpson, and Santa's Little Helper.

The next set was The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Set, featuring: Monty Burns, Waylon Smithers, Carl Carlson, Homer Simpson, Lenny Leonard, and Blinky The Three-Eyed Fish.

The next set was The Springfield Elementary Set, featuring: Seymour Skinner, Edna Krabappel, Ralph Wiggum, Milhouse van Houten, Bart Simpson, and Lumpy The Snake.

The next set was a Treehouse of Horror Themed Set with every member of the Simpsons Family as a zombie.

There is also another Treehous of Horror set featuring: Count Burns, Marge as a demon cat, Homer as a gorilla, Flanders as the Devil, Bart as a fly, and an evil Krusty The Klown doll.

The Simpsons Bendables can no longer be bought in stores.