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The Simpsons Answers is a community driven Q & A site that is based on the wiki concept, meaning it may be read and edited by anyone. It is for questions relating to The Simpsons.



The Simpsons Answers was founded in March 2010 by Sgtcook, but an extra "Answers" was added in the title accidentally, making it "The Simpsons Answers Answers", wikia was contacted, and the problem was fixed.


Due to the interactive and collaborative nature of the site, The Simpsons Answers is prone to vandalism. This is often quickly seen and reverted by good-faith contributors, but one incident has stood out in the site's history. Not so long after the creation, The Simpsons Answers endured a series of spam questions in French by a French vandal/spammer who used a Proxy that also vandalized/spammed at Simpsons Wiki. This soon stopped. Vandalism, of course, is not tolerated on The Simpsons Answers and people performing such actions will be blocked.


The Simpsons Answers now has over 120 Questions, and is continually growing with the help of many contributors.


As an answers wiki, The Simpsons Answers is always growing, and expanding. Despite many new users joining all the time, it still remains incomplete; but as the nature of any wiki, anyone and everyone is welcome to help contribute to the site. With an always new Simpsons games, episodes, etc. The Simpsons Answers's job will never be done as it continues to be the #1 Simpsons Q & A site in the world.

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