The 1990 Mattel Simpsons is a line of action figures, which where available in 1990 and was released by Mattel.

The line included Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Bart Simpson As Bartman.

Mattel also made three rare Bart Simpson figures which were only available from South America called, Black Ninja Bart, White Ninja Bart, & Super Bart.

Also Mattel did a mail away Bart Simpson figure in March 1991 also, The figure was the same figure as the original Mattel Bart Simpson but the t-shirt was white and had a print on it that says: Save Blinky with a picture of the three eyed fish below it, the shorts on it are green and the shoes are white & green. The figure is known as the most rare Simpsons figure ever with only a few known to exist.

At the same time, A British company named "Arco" which is owned by "Mattel" also made The Simpsons 'Rev n Go' racers which you pulled back & they drove, The were available as Homer Simpson, 2X Bart Simpson & Maggie Simpson. Also "Arco" made in 1990 also, The Simpsons wind up figures of Maggie Simpson, Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson and a different colored Bart Simpson.