Simpson/Sideshow Sibling Smackdown is a comic story in Simpsons Comics 71. It was released on June 2002. It was also featured in the book Simpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo and the comic book Simpsons Illustrated #2.


Lisa is happy she has received an A++ but gets annoyed when she gets laughed at by the other students in the school playground when the school bus soaks her. In Springfield Prison at the same time Cecil Terwilliger is getting sprayed with the water hose by mistake by Eddie. Later that day, it's time for Sideshow Bob's monthly parole hearing. Cecil complains to Wiggum that he never gets one and they discovered that he is not in the prison register and so he is set free. Cecil moves into Dr. Colossus' old house while at the time Lisa is eating dinner. She gets upset when no one listens to her but do to Bart. Cecil is thinking of a plan so that he becomes as famous as his brother and after he dismisses Bart Simpson, he chooses to kill Lisa Simpson. Next week get Lisa death threats by mail and Bart gets upset that he did not get it. Marge contacts the prison where Sideshow Bob is and they verify he is still there. When Lisa comes to the school, she notices that they reduced the music budget and banned saxophone at the school. After school, Lisa goes to the library only to discover that Comic Book Guy bought it. Bart still does not understand why Sideshow Bob is looking for Lisa, and when it is time for The Krusty the Clown Show it is suspended. Later in the evening it's announced on the radio thatSpringfield Elementary is permanently closed and Lisa gets even more depressed while Bart is happy. When Lisa tries to sleep, she remembers that the handwriting in the letter is not the same as Sideshow Bob's after comparing his threatening letters to the one she received. Lisa talks to Bart and he says he has a homepage about Lisa on the Internet and it's probably why someone knows so much about Lisa. Lisa contacts BenjaminDoug and Gary who finds the IP address of the person who visited the website and where is located. Bart and Lisa go to the house and outside they get kidnapped by Cecil who thinks about throwing them in boiling water. instead he just has them tied up and gagged. Lisa lets him first tell her about his plan and it turns out that Homer's nerd friends were onto everything. In the middle of discussion between Lisa and Cecil about the details of his plan the police come to arrest him and rescue Bart and Lisa. It turned out that Lisa suspected they would be kidnapped and called the police, and like most villains, he is dependent on the Stockholm Syndrome. In prison, Sideshow Bob is angry that Cecil has become so popular and Lisa is happy and she has an arch-rival and goes to sleep.