"I wouldn't."
– Sideshow Raheem

Steve Johnson, also known as Sideshow Raheem is Krusty the Klown's sidekick before Sideshow Bob, likely from the 1970s era. He bears a striking resemblance to Disco Stu, except that he's black, has black hair, and black glasses and different clothes.

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He was a black man that was first seen in Krusty the Klown's 29th Anniversary Show[1]. Krusty showed a slide of him. In the slide, Krusty says "Ah... the script says I have to bonk you with this" (holding a hammer); Raheem replies "I wouldn't." "Right on!" says Krusty. Then after the clip is over, Krusty describes him as an "Angry, angry young man."

He later makes brief appearances attending Krusty's "funeral",[2] and in the all-black church.[3]

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