Sleeping with the Enemy
She Used to Be My Girl
Fat Man and Little Boy
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Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The title is a reference to the song Use ta Be My Girl.
  • Lisa pointing out to Marge that "the Juice is still on the loose" is a reference to OJ Simpson being acquitted of the alleged murder of his wife and her partner.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants also appears in this episode, as the one, who Lisa prays to. She also prayed to Buddha and Jesus.
  • The song "We Are the Champions" by Queen plays when the FOX News truck passes by.
  • Barney saved Chloe who was trapped on top of a tree on fire with his helicopter, in a similar way he and Homer saved Bart and Lisa from a forest fire in Days of Wine and D'oh'ses.


  • The chores on the chore wheel are Wash the Dishes, Mow the Lawn, Dust and Vacuum, Sweep Garage, Feed Dog, and Pick Up Dry Cleaning.
  • In earlier episodes, Mount Springfield is a forest hill but in this episode, it is a volcano.
  • Homer actually kept his promise he had given to Marge in Highschool when he said they will travel the world, as the family has been on all continents at least once and Homer was actually in space, too.
  • The chant that Chloe sings when performing the Chinese dissident dance can be translated as "爱英国" (ài yīngguó), meaning "I love England".

Goofs Edit

  • When Marge said Evergreen Terrace is the street that smells like pee, it isn't a street. It is a neighborhood.
  • The lava would be able to melt or drag the car and burn down the tree, killing both Lisa and Chloe.
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