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She Used to Be My Girl

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She Used to Be My Girl
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She Used to Be My Girl
339. She Used To Be My Girl
Episode Number 339
Production Code FABF22
Original Airdate December 5, 2004
Chalkboard Gag "Poking a dead raccoon is not research"
Couch Gag Everyone in the family looks like Moe Szyslak.
Special Guest Voices Kim Cattrall as Chloe Talbot
Written By Tim Long
Directed By Matthew Nastuk

She Used to Be My Girl is the fourth episode of Season 16.


Marge discovers that her high school journalism partner, Chloe (they were the Springfield High version of Woodward & Bernstein), is now a network TV news reporter (while Marge decided to forego college and marry Homer, Chloe broke up with her boyfriend, Barney, to go to journalism school); when Lisa seems more interested in what Chloe has done with her life than what Marge did with hers, she has to sneak out in the back of Chloe's car to attend a U.N. women's conference in Capitol City, only to end up surrounded by lava with Chloe at the base of the erupting Mount Springfield; can Marge save the day? Is there someone out there who can, oh, I don't know, maybe fly a helicopter to get Chloe out of there? Is this the end of Classic Drunk Barney?[1]

Full Story Edit

A media circus swarms over the story that Joe Quimby has 15 lawsuits filed against him. Chloe Talbot is one of these journalists. She spends more time with Lisa. Marge also wonders if she made the right decision by marrying Homer rather than going on to pursue a career in journalism. When Lisa spends too much time with Chloe, Marge gets mad at her and has a physical fight with her and doesn't allow Lisa to go on a trip with her. Lisa skips school and hides in her trunk to go with her. Along the way, Chloe gets a call to report from the erupting volcano and drives to it. Marge and Homer Simpson go to where she was heading, but can't find Lisa or Chloe. On a big-screen TV, they see her report and they see Lisa with her. When they get there, Marge saves Lisa from the lava and Barney, her old boyfriend, saves her in his helicopter.

During the end credits, Lisa is in Chloe's car, and when she discovers her, Lisa prays to the BuddhaJesus, and SpongeBob saying "There's no time to be picky!" SpongeBob says "Screw her!" and does his crazy laugh. The credits continue as normal.

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