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She's the Fastest

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She's The Fastest
La più veloce 2
Species Dog (Greyhound)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Color Brown
Owner The Rich Texan (former)
The Simpson family
Relatives Mate:Santa's Little Helper
Children: Greyhound Puppies
Job Race Dog (retired)
First Appearance "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds"
Voiced by Frank Welker

She's the Fastest is a Greyhound. She mated with Santa's Little Helper, and they had 25 puppies. She raced at Springfield Downs where she was owned by the Rich Texan. The Rich Texan gave her to the Simpsons Family because she fell in love with Santa's Little Helper and he said that once a race dog falls in love she would never race again. Her number was 8, which was coincidentally the same number as her mate, Santa's Little Helper. After that she was never seen again.

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