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Serak the Preparer

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Serak the Preparer
Sm Serak 0
Sex Male
Status Alive
Occupation Preparer
First Appearance "Treehouse of Horror"
Voiced By James Earl Jones

Serak the Preparer is a Rigellian who is the cohort of Kang and Kodos.

Bart tells his second scary story to Lisa called "Hungry are the Damned"[1]. In the story, Serak prepared the Simpson family as dinner while the spaceship was heading to Rigel 7. Serak was also mentioned in the Bart Simpson Comics story "Cooking with Kang & Kodos." He is said to weigh a ton, and tells the Simpsons family that his name can only be pronounced correctly if their tongues are pulled out.

Quotes Edit

  • "To pronounce it correctly, I'll have to pull out your tongue."
  • "This'll give these humans the perfect flavor."
  • "When we arrive, there will be plenty of time to chew the fat."
  • "Your wife is quite a dish!"
  • "There you go earthlings. Take all you want but eat all you take."
  • "I slaved in the kitchen for days to cook for you people!"
  • "You aren't the only beings who have emotions you know."

Behind the Laughter Edit

The name Serak was obviously adopted from Star Trek's character Sarek (the father of Spock), just as the name Kang and Kodos are also names taken from the original Star Trek.

Appearances Edit

Citations Edit

  1. "Treehouse of Horror"

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