Marge vs. the Monorail
Selma's Choice
Brother from the Same Planet
Troy McClure: Come to Duff Gardens, where roaming gangs aren't a big problem anymore!

Homer: Now what do we say when we get to the ticket booth?
Bart and Lisa: We're under six.
Homer: And I'm a college student!

Marge: Kids, I have some bad news. I'm afraid your great-aunt Gladys has... passed on.
Bart: Gladys, Gladys... about yea high, blue hair, big dent in her forehead...
Marge: No... Gladys looked more like your Aunt Patty.
Bart: [thinks for a moment; then shudders] Oh yeah, there she is.

Marge: The funeral is in Littleneck Falls. Looks like we'll have to go to Duff Gardens another time.
Lisa: We understand.
Bart: No use complaining about something you can't change.
Homer: (whining) But I wanna go to Duff Gardens. Right now!
Marge: Oh, Homer, quit pouting.
Homer: I'm not pouting. I'm mourning. Stupid dead woman.

Bart and Homer: On top of Spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball...
Marge: If you don't mind, we're on our way to a funeral!
Homer: Ding-dong the witch is dead..
Bart: Which old witch?
Homer: The wicked witch!
Marge: Homer!

Patty: I can't believe Auntie Gladys is really gone.
Selma: Her legend will live forever.
Homer's Brain: Yeah. The legend of the dog-faced woman.
Homer: Legend of the dog-faced woman! Oh, that's good!
Marge: Homer! That's very rude of you.
Homer: Wha--? D'oh!

Homer: Patty, Selma, I'm sorry. [hugs them]
Selma: He's hugging us. What do we do?
Patty: Just close your eyes and think of MacGyver.

Bart: Hey, Homer! This luggage is crushing me!
Homer: Hey, you don't hear Lisa complaining!

[Cut to Lisa being so smushed up against the window that she can't even speak.]

Selma: Can we please stop somewhere? My butt's asleep.

(at Aunt Gladys' funeral, Lisa goes up to the casket)
Lisa: Goodbye Great Aunt Gladys. I'm sorry I didn't get to know you better.
Bart: (in a raspy voice from behind the casket) Don't worry about it.
(Lisa runs away screaming; Bart laughs)

Lionel Hutz: Hi, I'm Lionel Hutz, executor of Gladys Bouvier's estate. She left a video will, so I earn my fee simply by pressing this "Play" button. Pretty sweet, eh?

Aunt Gladys: I would like to begin by reading a passage from Robert Frost. "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and...[Homer fast-forwards the tape]
Marge: Homer!
Homer: All in favor of skipping the poem? [everyone but Marge raises their hands] Thank you. [continues fast-forwarding]

Aunt Gladys: Now let's get down to business. (Voice changes to Lionel Hutz) To my executor, Lionel Hutz, I leave $50,000.
Marge: MR. HUTZ!
Lionel Hutz: You'd be surprised how often that works, you really would!

Aunt Gladys: To Marge, I leave my potato chips that resemble celebrities. They're all here: Otto von Bismarck, Maurice Chevalier, right up to Jay Leno. These chips were my children. Marjorie, take special care of them.
Homer: [eats the chips, and looks at them] Uh oh. [continues to eat them]

Aunt Gladys: To my sister Jackie, I leave my pet Iguana, Jub-Jub.
Mrs. Bouvier: Why didn't she just leave me the bowel obstruction that killed her?

Selma: Aunt Gladys was right. There's something missing in our lives.
Patty: Don't worry. We'll get that barking dog record tomorrow.

[after a poor date with Hans Moleman]
Selma: Get out of my car. [drives off]
Hans Moleman: This isn't my house.

Marge: Selma! You're back already?
Selma: Yeah. I was so depressed, I ate a jar of expired olives. [sighs] I guess I'll never have a baby.
Lisa: Aunt Selma, this may be presumptuous, but have you ever considered artificial insemination?
Homer: [laughs] I don't know. You gotta be pretty desperate to make it with a robot. [Marge whispers in his ear] I knew that.

Marge: "101 Frozen Pops." [turns the page] A Nobel Prize Winner! An NBA All-Star! Ooh, one of the Sweathogs.
Selma: I checked. It's not Horshack.

Bart: [after seeing Homer extremely sick in bed] Oh, great, Dad's dead.

Marge: [to Selma] I want to thank you for taking care of the kids on such short notice.
Selma: We'll have fun, won't we kids?
Bart: To get to Duff Gardens, I'd ride with Satan himself.
Selma: That's the spirit.

Lisa: [reading from the pamphlet] The Duff Beer-amid contains so much aluminum it would take five men to lift it. 22 immigrant laborers died during its construction.
Selma: Eh, there's plenty more where that came from.

Abe Lincoln Robot: Four score and seven years ago, our forefathers brewed refreshing drink from hops and barley. [drinks his Duff and starts beatboxing] We-e-ll, I'm Rappin' A.B. and I'm here to say, if you want to drink beer, well Duff's the only way! I said the only way! Break down! [crushes a beer can on his head]
Lisa: This is a disgrace.
Selma: Hey, anything this bad has to be educational.

Bart: [reading] "Beer Goggles: See life through the eyes of a drunk." [puts them on; Selma becomes a foxy lady]
Selma: You're charming the pants off of me.
Bart: [removes his glasses] What did you say, Aunt Selma?
Selma: I said, take off those damn glasses!

Bart: Hey, Lise, I dare you to drink the water.
Lisa: [looking at the horrible brown "water" the boat is floating on] I'm not sure that is water.
Bart: Chicken. [begins to cluck like a chicken]
Lisa: Quit it, Bart. Quit it! QUIT IT! QUIT IT!
Selma: Bart, be quiet! Lisa, drink the water!
[Lisa complies. She immediately begins to experience hallucinations.]
Animatronics: Duff Beer for me/Duff Beer for you/I'll have a Duff... ["Duff" echoes]
Lisa: They're all around me. No way out! [laughs] No way out, I tell you!
Selma: [looking absolutely nightmarish to Lisa] What's wrong? You just put your head right here.
[Unfortunately, her kindness backfires, as her shoulder appears to have grown a monstrous mouth to the hallucinating Lisa.]
Lisa: [screams and tries to attack Bart and Selma with an oar]

Marge: [to Homer] You know, I rented another movie, in case you felt better. [hands it to him]
Homer: "The Erotic Adventures of Hercules".
Marge: With Norman Fell as Zeus.
Homer: Woo-hoo!

Lisa: (having hallucinations and seeing everything blurry) Whoa, I can see the music!

Selma: Don't blame these kids, it's not their fault. I think their father's missing a chromosome.

Officer: [with Lisa, who is covered with a towel and acting jittery] We found this one swimming naked in the Fermentarium.
Lisa: [raises her arms] I am the Lizard Queen!
Employee: Give her this [gives two pills to Selma], and this [gives her two more pills] and then, these [gives her a bunch of pills]
Selma: Thank you, doctor.
Employee: Oh, I'm not a doctor.

Homer: Come to Homercles!
Marge: [laughs] I can't! The beans will burn!
Homer: Homercles cares not for beans! [lifts up Marge on her shoulder]

Homer: Hi, kids, how was Duff Gardens?
Lisa: Can't talk, coming down. [takes some pills]

Selma: Oh, Jub-Jub.
Patty: When I went to pick him up, Mom was trying to stab him with a hat pin.

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