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The sixth season began airing on September 4, 1994 with the first episode, "Bart of Darkness" and ended on May 21, 1995 with "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)", which is also the series' only two part episode and the concluding part would air the season premiere of the succeeding season. David Mirkin was the show runner throughout the season as well as the preceding season. The season had two holdovers from season 5, "Bart of Darkness" and "Lisa's Rival", to air at Season 6 when production had been delayed due to the 1994 Northridge earthquake, losing one month of production time. Matt Groening requested a controversial decision to have him uncredited in the episode, "A Star is Burns" as he seemed that it was blatant advertising with a character from The Critic (a short-lived ABC/FOX animated series), Jay Sherman, becoming a film judge in the episode.

The sixth season won one Emmy Award, and received three other nominations. "Lisa's Wedding" won the Emmy for "Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming One Hour or Less). Alf Clausen was nominated for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore)" for "Treehouse of Horror V", while he and John Swartzwelder were nominated for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music and Lyrics" for the Stonecutters' song "We Do" in the episode "Homer the Great". Finally, "Bart vs. Australia" was nominated for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Sound Mixing for a Comedy Series or a Special".

All 25 episodes of Season 6 including extras were released on DVD on August 16, 2005 in Region 1, October 17, 2005 in Region 2 and September 24, 2005 in Region 4. The sixth season also commenced a "clam-shell" packaging design that had a boxset with a Simpsons character head as a limited alternative to the regular DVD boxset, beginning with Homer's head in this season, to much criticism.





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Bartofdarkness 104 - 1

"Bart of Darkness"

800px-Flag of the United States.svg September 4, 1994
Australian Flag May 31, 1995
Jim Reardon Dan McGrath 1F22

During a heatwave in Springfield at the summer holiday, Bart ends up breaking his leg when he falls off his treehouse, intending to dive in a swimming pool the family had set up. He is forced to remain in his room for the rest of the summer when the leg heals, becoming increasingly paranoid in isolation after Lisa gives him a telescope.

Ak 105 - 2 "Lisa's Rival" 800px-Flag of the United States.svg September 11, 1994
Australian Flag June 7, 1995
Mark Kirkland Mike Scully 1F17

Lisa is outperformed in everything she does by a new student named Allison Taylor who is younger yet smarter and is a better saxophone player than her. Lisa vows to beat her in one thing which would be an upcoming school diorama contest. Meanwhile Homer gets into a get-rich-quick scheme after stealing a heap of sugar.

Al 106 - 3

"Another Simpsons Clip Show "

September 25, 1993 David Silverman

Jon Vitti

(Credited as "Penny Wise")


Marge decides that she and Homer should teach the kids about romance, which they look back at their romantic experiences in earlier episodes. Most of which ended up unhappily although Homer points out that his and Marge's relationship had succeeded.

168 107 - 4

"Itchy & Scratchy Land"

800px-Flag of the United States.svg October 2, 1994
Australian Flag June 21, 1995
Wes Archer John Swartzwelder 2F01

Bart and Lisa convinces that the family should go to a newly opened Itchy & Scratchy Land, winning over their parents as it has a place for adults, which Homer and Marge are happy to go to "Parent's Island" as the name of the adult orientated area while Bart, Lisa and Maggie enjoy the main theme park.

Am 108 - 5 "Sideshow Bob Roberts" October 9, 1994 Mark Kirkland

Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein


Sideshow Bob, soon released from prison, becomes a Republican candidate to be elected as Mayor of Springfield in an upcoming election against Mayor Quimby. Bart and Lisa support Quimby and try to have him win to stop Bob's evil plan.

Shinning 109 - 6 "Treehouse of Horror V" October 30, 1994 Jim Reardon Bob Kushell, Greg Daniels, Dan McGrath and David S. Cohen 2F03

Prologue: Marge appears to warn viewers as she did in the first two Treehouse of Horror episodes. Warning viewers that the following episode is even scarier and is sent a message that it is so scary that the Congress would not want to show it and instead play the 1947 Classic Len Ford film, 200 Miles to Oregon. Bart however interrupts the film via oscilloscope and presents the special anyway.

The Shinning: The Simpsons go to Mr. Burns' mansion in the mountains to become its caretakers. Homer ends up going crazy when there is no beer nor television available and is told by a ghostly Moe to kill his family if he wants a beer.

Time and Punishment: Homer fixes the family's toaster he broke when he had his hand in it and struggled to get it out, inadvertently turning it into a time machine in the process. He tests it by preparing toast and he is sent back to prehistoric times when toast is prepared. Despite his father's warnings about not touching anything in the past, Homer inadvertently creates alternate realities for himself.

Nightmare Cafeteria: Principal Skinner notes that detentions are becoming overcrowded and there is a lack of meat. He resolves this by having student after student cooked and served in the cafeteria, particularly being eaten by the school's teachers.

An 110 - 7 "Bart's Girlfriend" 800px-Flag of the United States.svg November 6, 1994
Australian Flag June 28, 1995
Susie Dietter Jonathen Collier 2F04

Bart falls for Reverend Lovejoy's daughter, Jessica, and fails repeatedly to impress her. This is until she discovers what a bad boy Bart is and begins to hang out with him.

Ao 111 - 8 "Lisa on Ice" 800px-Flag of the United States.svg November 13, 1994
Australian Flag July 5, 1995
Bob Anderson Mike Scully 2F05

Lisa is failing in Gym class and joins an ice hockey team as their goalie to pass. Sibling rivalry stirs up between her and Bart as he had been the family's star hockey player.

Ap 112 - 9 "Homer Badman" November 27, 1994 Jeffery Lynch Greg Daniels 2F06

Homer is accused for harassment by Ashley Grant, a college graduate who babysat the children while he and Marge were in a candy convention, and has a mob of protesters with her.

Aq 113 - 10 "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy" December 4, 1994 Wes Archer Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein 2F07

Homer and Marge's sex lives begin to fade, which Grampa creates a tonic to stimulate relationships. Seeing that it is successful as Homer and Marge, he and Grampa then sell it as "Simpson and Son's Tonic" to people which becomes a success.

Fear of Flying Promo 114 - 11 "Fear of Flying" December 18, 1994 Mark Kirkland David Sacks 2F08

After Homer is kicked out of Moe's after a harmless prank, he's forced to find a new bar. When trying to get into a bar strictly for pilots, he is mistaken for a real one and ends up causing the plane to crash. The family are given free tickets to go anywhere they wish but when getting on the plane, Marge realizes that she has a fear of flying. This phobia also alters her behavior for the worse and the family decide for Marge to contact a therapist.

Ar 115 - 12 "Homer the Great" January 8, 1995 Jim Reardon

John Swartzwelder


Wanting to find out the mystery of how Lenny and Carl get better benefits than he does, Homer stalks them and finds out they are part of a secret society called the "Stonecutters". After managing to get in, it's not long before Homer screws up and is about to get kicked out until he is discovered to be "The Chosen One".

Margekids 116 - 13 "And Maggie Makes Three" January 22, 1995 Swinton O. Scott III Jennifer Crittenden 2F10

While viewing old family photos, Bart and Lisa note there are no pictures of Maggie. Homer decides to tell them the story of how before Marge became pregnant with Maggie, Homer was able to quit his job at the Nuclear Power Plant to work his dream job at a bowling alley, with enough reduced spending to support the family despite not making as much money at his new job. This is until he discovers Marge's pregnancy.

Bart'sComet 117 - 14 "Bart's Comet" February 5, 1995 Bob Anderson John Swartzwelder 2F11

After Bart gets caught for tampered with the school's new weather balloon and secretly turned it into an embarrassing version of Principal Skinner, Skinner forces Bart to help with him with his morning astronomy in monitoring stars, hoping to find a new discovery that he could name himself. While Skinner is distracted by the balloon, Bart discovered a comet, heading right towards Springfield.

Homie the clown 118 - 15 "Homie the Clown" February 12, 1995 David Silverman John Swartzwelder 2F12

To make up for his reckless spending, Krusty reluctantly opens up a Clown college. After spotting a billboard for the college, Homer cannot resist and upon becoming an official Krusty the Clown impersonator, Homer runs into some trouble with the mob.

Bartandboot 119 - 16 "Bart vs. Australia" February 19, 1995 Wes Archer Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein 2F13

In a way to spite Lisa about the matter of how draining water spins, Bart makes calls to every country in the southern hemisphere, including Australia, which sparks international controversy after the residence receive the bill.

At 120 - 17 "Homer vs. Patty and Selma" February 26, 1995 Mark Kirkland Brent Forrester 2F14

After losing all of his investment on Halloween pumpkins, Homer then is forced to borrow money of Patty and Selma to avoid for the bank to foreclose on his house, while the pair in return try to make him miserable since they'll threaten to tell Marge. When Marge does find out, Homer, out of shame, decides to become a chauffeur to pay back the twins.

AStarisBurns 121 - 18 "A Star is Burns" March 5, 1995 Susie Dietter Ken Keeler 2F31

After a national survey places Springfield as the least popular city in America due to the antics of various townspeople, Marge at a town meeting suggests holding a film festival to show the world Springfield's good side to attract more tourists. When Marge asks the critic Jay Sherman to help judge the festival, Homer feels replaced by Jay, due to Jay doing everything better than him.

Au 122 - 19 "Lisa's Wedding" March 19, 1995 Jim Reardon Greg Daniels 2F15

In a renaissance fair, Lisa stumbles upon a fortune teller who predicts the future fifteen years later. Lisa falls for a British student named Hugh Parkfield and their relationship grows. As she returns to Springfield with him, Hugh proposes a wedding, to which Lisa accepts despite being aware of how embarrassing her family can be.

Av 123 - 20 "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds" April 9, 1995 Bob Anderson Mike Scully 2F18

Santa's Little Helper falls for a female greyhound named She's the Fastest, whom he had met during a dog racing track resulting in her losing. They have a relationship which results in She's the Fastest giving birth to 25 puppies. When Homer and Marge decide to sell them away, Mr Burns decides to steal the puppies to make a brand new tuxedo.


124 - 21

"The PTA Disbands"

April 16, 1995 Swinton O. Scott III Jennifer Crittenden 2F19

Edna Krabappel decides to call up a strike among with other teachers of Springfield Elementary against Principal Skinner as he spends cheaply on the school. Bart further fuels the strike by having them repeatedly turn against Skinner. Parents of the students decide to hire townspeople as substitutes and even themselves such as Marge.

'RoundSpringfield 125 - 22 "'Round Springfield" April 30, 1995 Steven Dean Moore Al Jean & Mike Reiss

Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia


Bart gets a stomachache after swallowing a jagged metal Krusty-O by accident and is forced to go to school despite the intensity of the pain he is suffering. He eventually is cured by having his appendix removed in the hospital and Lisa is reunited with Bleeding Gums Murphy in another ward.

Ba 126 - 23 "The Springfield Connection" May 7, 1995 Mark Kirkland Jonathan Collier 2F21

Marge decides to enroll to the police force when she finds such an experience exhilarating after having chasing Snake and having him arrested after a conned Three-card Monte game. She is then qualified as an official police officer after taking training.

LemonofTroy 127 - 24 "Lemon of Troy" May 14, 1995 Jim Reardon Brent Forrester 2F22

Springfield's lemon tree has been stolen by the neighboring town of Shelbyville after a conflict with boys of Springfield, including Bart, and boys of Shelbville. The following day, the Springfield boys then find their lemon tree has been stolen by Shelbyville and sets off to retrieve it in the town.

Who Shot Mr Burns 128 - 25 "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)" May 21, 1995 Jeffery Lynch Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein 2F16

Springfield Elementary accidentally strikes oil, unaware that it had existed beneath it. The School then plans to spend greatly with it. Mr. Burns then discovers about the oil and establishes a slant drilling operation to have it instead, which coincides with the school intending to take the oil with a vertical drilling operation as Springfield Elementary receive no oil and thus are unable to commence their plans with it. The repercussions of this leads to Burns being the most hated man in the town.

Characters introduced

Birch BarlowDon Vittorio DiMaggio

Locations introduced

Itchy and Scratchy Land 

DVD Release

Season 6 was released on DVD in its entirety as The Complete Sixth Season Boxset on August 16, 2004 in region 1, October 17, 2005 in Region 2 and September 28, 2005 in Region 4 by 20th Century Fox. While primarily containing the original 25 episodes, the boxset also consists on bonus features such as storyboards.

The Complete Sixth Season
Set Details Special Features
  • 25 episodes
  • 4-disc set
  • 1.33:1 aspect ratio
  • Languages:
    • English (Dolby Digital 5.1, with subtitles)[47]
    • Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo, with subtitles)[47]
    • French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo)[47]
    • Special language feature for "Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 1"
  • Optional commentaries for all 25 episodes
    • Introduction from Matt Groening
    • Animatics
    • Illustrated commentaries
    • 58 Deleted Scenes with optional commentary
    • Sketch Gallery - "Who Shot Mr Burns" Suspect Profiles
    • Commercials
    • TV Special - "Springfield's Most Wanted"
    • Featurette - The Simpsons Plane
    • Introduction with James L. Brooks
Release Dates
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4

August 16, 2005

October 17, 2005 September, 2005


The sixth season won one Emmy Award, and received three other nominations. "Lisa's Wedding" won the Emmy for "Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming One Hour or Less). Alf Clausen was nominated for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore)" for "Treehouse of Horror V", while he and John Swartzwelder were nominated for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music and Lyrics" for the Stonecutters' song "We Do" in the episode "Homer the Great". Finally, "Bart vs. Australia" was nominated for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Sound Mixing for a Comedy Series or a Special".


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