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Season 16 started in November with "Treehouse of Horror XV" of 2004 with and ended in May of 2005 with "The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star".

Season 16
Original run November 7, 2004 – May 15, 2005
No. of episodes 21
Previous season 15
Next season 17
DVD boxet The Complete Sixteenth Season


Image # Title Prod. Code Airdate Title Reference
TreeHouse 15 336 Treehouse of Horror XV FABF23 November 7, 2004 N/A
Alls Fair in Oven War 337 All's Fair in Oven War FABF20 November 14, 2004 All's Fair in Love and War
Sleeping With the Enemy1 338 Sleeping with the Enemy FABF19 November 21, 2004 Sleeping with the Enemy
339. She Used To Be My Girl 339 She Used to Be My Girl FABF22 December 5, 2004 Use ta Be My Girl
Goose Gladwell 340 Fat Man and Little Boy FABF21 December 12, 2004 Fat Man and Little Boy
Midnight Rx 341 Midnight Rx FABF16 January 16, 2005 Midnight Express
Mommie Beerest 342 Mommie Beerest GABF01 January 30, 2005 Mommie Dearest
Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass (Promo Picture)
343 Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass GABF02 February 6, 2005 N/A
Pranksta Rap promo
344 Pranksta Rap GABF03 February 13, 2005 Gangsta Rap
There's Something About Marrying1 345 There's Something About Marrying GABF04 February 20, 2005 There's Something About Mary
MoneyBART 72
346 On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister GABF05 March 6, 2005 On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
Goo Goo Gai Pan 347 Goo Goo Gai Pan GABF06 March 13, 2005 Moo Goo Gai Pan
Mobile Homer 83
348 Mobile Homer GABF07 March 20, 2005 Mobile Home
The Seven-Beer Snitch 59
349 The Seven-Beer Snitch GABF08 April 3, 2005 The Seven Year Itch
Simpsons 350 350 Future-Drama GABF12 April 17, 2005 Futurama
Gabf10b 351 Don't Fear the Roofer GABF10 May 1, 2005 Don't Fear the Reaper
The Heartbroke Kid Promo 352 The Heartbroke Kid GABF11 May 1, 2005 The Heartbreak Kid
A Star Is Torn Promo 353 A Star Is Torn GABF13 May 8, 2005 A Star Is Born
Thank God It's Doomsday 108
354 Thank God It's Doomsday GABF14 May 8, 2005 Thank God It's Friday
Home Away From Homer 355 Home Away from Homer GABF15 May 15, 2005 Home Away from Home
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star Promo 356 The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star GABF09 May 15, 2005 The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost


  • This season introduced Selma's daughter, Ling Bouvier.
  • The boxset was released in 2013 and The face on the cover of the box is Professor Frink.
  • Many of the episodes had brief non-canon scenes going on behind the credits.


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