"Screams From a Mall" is an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show. It was written by Bart and Lisa, but credited to Grampa instead (as was "Little Barbershop of Horrors"). Because of this, Grampa never actually saw the episode until it won an award, and reacted in horror and disgust to the premise (although he nonetheless gave Bart and Lisa his award as they "earned it.").


Scratchy is at the mall. His shop is on the top floor, so he uses an escalator. Itchy nails his feet, causing it to be stuck, just as Scratchy was finally at the top floor. He tries to get them out, but he is too late and his fur is ripped. Itchy puts Scratchy's fur in sale, in a fur shop, and a rich couple buys it, and gives Itchy money. However, Scratchy (with flesh replacing the fur) informs them to give it to him. He goes out of the mall, but women are preventing animals being hurt for fur, so they attack Scratchy.


The women's signs are:

Boycott fur.
Save the Animals.
Fur is Murder (two).
Don't wear fur.
It is impossible to get nails off your feet.

Before Scratchy gets his fur ripped off, his left ankle seems to have been severed.