Don Hertzfeldt
Scratchy Couch Gag
Cat Stevens
Scratchy Couch Gag
The Scratchy Couch Gag is a couch gag that was featured in the episode The Wreck of the Relationship.


The family comes home to see Scratchy lying down on the couch with Itchy about to decapitate him with an ax. Homer picks him up and throws him away, saving Scratchy's life. The family then lefts Scratchy stay with them and sit on the couch with them. Overtime, they do lots of things with him there, but Scratchy tends to get more and more intolerable as he keeps getting drunk on their couch, making messes, breaking furniture, and This comes to the point where it has gotten out of hand and Homer brings Itchy back into their home to kill Scratchy. The couch gag then proceeds to the TV, giving the credits, where Scratchy's blood is seen splattering all over the screen.