The School Dance was an event that was held at Springfield Elementary School, replacing their annual School Apple Pick.



It first came about when Alex Whitney felt that the School Apple Pick was childish and mentioned how her old school used to have school dances and "Things that are fun." It was greatly receipted by Janey, Allison Taylor, Sherri, and Terri.

On the Friday night it was held, however, it turned out to be a complete failure because the boys and girls were on different sides of each other, due to Alex forgetting/not realizing that elementary school-aged children just aren't ready for things like romance and dating. This leads Lisa to giving Alex a speech on how they're only young once, so people should enjoy their childhoods while they still can.


While the dance was going on, Willie fought with Homer, for his attempt to steal his retirement grease. Homer tried to escape, but Willie grabbed his legs and strangled him with the hose that was sucking the grease, which explodes due to the increased pressure, causing the grease to flood into the dance hall. A grease fight begins among the students, where Alex eventually joined in after being told by Lisa to act her own age.

Students Who Attended