The Perfect Crime
Scary Stories
Grandpa & the Kids
Bart: Want to hear a scary story? (Bart turns off the light and begins his scary story) Once Upon a Time, There was an evil insane maniac--
Lisa: Bart. Why can't you tell the story with the lights on?
Bart: All right, You little babies. (He can't find the light switch because it's dark) (panicked) I can't find the light switch. It's gone!
Lisa: (switches on the light and Bart is shown shivering.)

Bart: Everybody comfy? (switches off the light again) Once Upon a Time, There was a psychopathic stranger on the loose in a dark house. They couldn't see him, but they can hear his breathing.
(Bart make spooky eerie breathing noises and chokes)
Lisa: (screams and turns on the light and shows Maggie is choking Bart)

Bart: It was dark. (turns off the light for the third time) All was silent and then, they heard it. The sound of the crafty Vampire sucking blood from the neck of his latest victim. Listen.
Maggie: (Sucks on the pacifier)
Bart and Lisa: (Screams)
(Maggie turns on the light and Bart and Lisa are hugging together shivering)

Bart: And now for the scariest story of all. (turns off the light for the fourth time) Once Upon a Time, three little children sat shivering in the dark. Suddenly they heard footsteps. Listen, you can almost hear them. (footsteps are heard coming towards the children) Coming closer, (the footsteps are getting louder) and closer and then the footsteps stopped.
(Bart, Lisa and Maggie hide behind the couch and the door opens and 2 shadows are standing. Bart, Lisa and Maggie scream in terror as one of the shadows turns on the light and reveals Homer and Marge who are confused)

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