Sadgasm was a grunge band formed by Homer Simpson during the 1990s.

Years active: 1990s (Split)


The band was originally formed in the 1990s as an inoffensive, urban light, hip hop, smooth grooves outfit. After Homer sees Marge and one of her professors from her university together, Homer changes the band's direction into a wholly different type of music: Guitar Rock Utilizing Nihilist Grunge Energy or "grunge". The band is then named Sadgasm.

Their first public appearance was at Springfield University. Some of the band's best songs include Margerine, Shave Me (later made into Brain Freeze, a parody song by Weird Al Yankovic), and Politically Incorrect. A video was filmed for Margerine which featured Homer singing in front of the host and contestants of a parody Jeopardy!, a reference to the music video of the Metallica song Hero of the Day (one of the contestants was played by Grampa Simpson) and later singing in front of gym bleachers filled with crash test dummies, a reference to the music video of the Nirvana song Smells Like Teen Spirit.

The group broke up sometime later because, according to Kurt Loder, Homer holed himself up at his mansion when rumours swirled about an out of control narcotics addiction, which turned out to be insulin because he became diabetic from drinking too many frappuccinos.


Margerine (parody of Bush's "Glycerine")

Spread yellow gunk on my pancake heart,
Country churned girl in my grocery cart.
I paid for her dreams, she taught me to cry.
Like watery knives, like rain from my eyes.
I can't believe you're not mine!
I can't believe you're not mine!
Margerine. Margerine. Margerine.
Margerine. Margerine.

=== Politically Incorrect (parody of Nirvana's "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle" and "Heart Shaped Box" combined. Lyrics:

Pain is brown. Hate is white. Love is black. Stab the night. Kingdom of the Numb. Closet of Hurt. Feelings are dumb. Kisses are dirt.

Shave Me (parody of Nirvana's "Rape Me")

Razorblade of apathy.

Shave me with your irony.

Shave me! Shave me!


Sadgasm (a portmanteau of sadness and orgasm) is most likely a parody of Nirvana.

The members of Sadgasm resemble the former members of Nirvana. Carl resembling Dave Grohl, Lenny resembling Krist Novoselic, Lou resembling Pat Smear and Homer resembling front man, Kurt Cobain.