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The Royal Majesty for the Obese or Gangly Gentleman is a tailor shop in Springfield which sells clothing especially for obese or tall men.


Very high or very wide men come from all over the country to have their clothing needs met at the Royal Majesty. The shop's past accomplishments include:

  • A custom purple crushed-velvet tuxedo for a man who weighed 400 pounds.
  • A traditional African dashiki for a man who was 7 feet, 10 inches in height.
  • Six pairs of Bermuda shorts for a man who was three feet tall and weighed 178 pounds.

The shop takes a dim view of its merchandise being damaged. Its slogan (as seen on a prominently displayed sign) is "You rip it, you buy it."[1]

In spite of its posh-sounding name, the Royal Majesty markets to a diverse clientele, even advertising on the outfield fences at Springfield Stadium.[2]



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