Rowen and Martin's Laugh-In is a popular sketchy comedy show, known for it's many crazt characters and recurring phrases. The Simpsons has made many references to the show.


  • Mother Simpson: Maggie dancing and covered with different tattoes is a reference to the various "bumpers" featuring the female cats members doing the same.
  • The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase: Many elements of The Simpson Family, Smile-Time Variety Hour are borrowed from Laugh-In, such as:
  • Kent Brockman announcing the show from a recording studio parodies the appearences of Gary Owens on the show.
  • Many of the character's comments after the sketches are much like the ones on Laugh-In.
  • Hans Moleman reading a poem references Henry Gibson's various poems.
  • Lisa's Sax: When Lisa's saxophone gets run over, one of the people who runs over it is a man on a tricycle, who promptly falls over. This is a reference to a character played by Arte Johnson, an old man in a raincoat on a tricycle, which is a running gag from the show.