The Ronald Reagan Reeducation Center is a prison, first seen in the episode Bart-Mangled Banner. People who "hate" America are sent here to be re-educated. Due to a huge misunderstanding The Simpsons are sent here as Marge says that they hate Americans. Real criminals are thrown in here too.

The prison is based on Alcatraz in San Francisco, California, and is named after the 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan. This also implies that the Republican Party is running the place, something that also becomes apparent when seeing the type of "criminals" jailed there. Most of them are people known for making unpatriotic remarks and Lisa identifies them as "left wing". For example: a man who said imported wine was better than Napa Valley. Bill Clinton was sent for disagreeing with tax cuts and a man was sent there for being a registered Democrat.

Prisoners are re-educated (brainwashed) in poor conditions, regular punishment and a cartoon that portrays the Bill of Rights as an anthropomorphic drunken document.

Known occupants and 'crimes'