Rocky VII: Adrian's Revenge is a fictional film in the Rocky film series.

In the episode Lemon of Troy as Bart is running away from some Shelbyville punks, he suddenly and mistakenly runs into a tiger cage, and he needs to exit through door 7 in order to get out (the sign on the entrance says "Caution: exit through door 7 only. All other rooms contain man-eating tigers."), but notices that the doors have Roman numerals on them, and Bart exclaims to himself: "Roman numerals? They never even tried to teach us that in school."

After consulting with Milhouse to no avail, he remembers where he's seen Roman numerals:

"Think, Bart. Where have you seen Roman numerals before? I know...Rocky V ["vee"]! That was the fifth one. So, Rocky five plus Rocky two equals...Rocky VII! "Adrian's Revenge"!"

And naturally Bart escapes just as the kids enter the tiger cage.


  • In real life, the seventh installment of Rocky was simply called "Creed." It came out a full twenty years after Lemon of Troy premiered.
  • Adrian was deceased in Rocky canon by the time the seventh movie came out, meaning for Adrian to have her "revenge" she would have to come back as a zombie or a ghost.