Robot Rumble is a TV show on the Testosterone Network. In the show, parent-child teams compete by building robots and having them fight each other. The primary audience seemed to be children, although Moe Szyslak was seen among the audience, either sarcastically telling a parent that he has two children "screw" and "you" (implied to be his fists), and complaining about how he's the only adult among the audience.

Bart originally watched it on Satellite.

List of Robots

Championship Fight

The championship fight was between Killhammed Aieee and Chief Knock-A-Homer and was apparently meant to last for over 230 rounds. Killhammad Aieee smashed Chief Knock-A-Homer open, revealing that Homer was inside. Killhammad Aieee then refused to finish the fight because it had been programmed with the Three Laws of Robotics and was thus forbidden from attacking a human being. The announcers declared the fight to be a draw, which frustrated and enraged the studio audience.