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The Robot Chicken gag is the seventeenth couch gag in Season 24. It was animated by the Robot Chicken team.


After crashing through the door, Homer wakes up in his backyard and finds out that he is an action figure. Ned says "Hi!", but Homer gets mad, but then his arm suddenly shoots down Ned, killing him, falling off his roof, and exploding.
In the street he turns into a donut and kills and flattens Agnes Skinner, Martin Prince and Mr. Burns, but mostly Mr. Burns as he backs up on him.
At Moe's Tavern, he pulls the pull-cord of Barney and makes him burp repeatedly. Moe asks Homer to pull his cord which says "I'm lonely".
Homer drives the family through a Hot-Wheels version of Springfield. He then drag races with Otto, the bus driver. They both drive over the Springfield Gorge, but Otto dosen't make it because Ralph says he is a faitality and the bus explodes, falling into the cliff. The Simpsons then drive into their garage as normal, but they crash, sending them flying to the couch. They get strapped in while watching Robot Chicken. The actual Robot Chicken turns "The Simpsons" on. Homer angrily requests that he "Put the chicken one" back on. The Robot Chicken turns on the opening credits, starting the episode.


Robot Chicken Couch Gag from The Simpsons01:36

Robot Chicken Couch Gag from The Simpsons