Richard Branson is the owner of Virgin.

He was seen at an entrepreneurs expo and he had Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. He was not a welcome sight to Lisa who wanted to use an example to persuade Nelson to finish his higher education. Branson has became successful while never finishing his higher education, therefore he would be a poor example in this context.

He attended billionaire's camp.

He was seen admiring a forgery in a spaceship

In The Princess Guide he was shown to be Mr. Burns's neighbor. In a relationship similar to Ned Flanders and Homer, Branson would greet Burns saying "Hey Dibbley Do, neighboroonie!", to which Burns would say "Stupid Branson". At the end of the episode Branson asks Burns if he can do some charity since his luck is bad. He gave a Burns a dollar bill. Burns then asks where are the hounds when he needs them. Branson says they're on the Virgin galactic flight around the world. Burns asks if he can go 5 minutes without saying "virgin". He then said "That's another Virgin challenge. That I won't be virgin taking.".