Richard Appel (born May 21, 1963) is an American writer. After working as a lawyer for several years he became a writer for The Simpsons in 1994. His first episode was Season 7's "Mother Simpson". He left the show after writing "When You Dish Upon a Star". He went on to serve as executive producer on King of the Hill and The Bernie Mac Show. He is currently an executive producer on The Cleveland Show, of which he is also a co-creator.He also played a key role in the creation of The Simpsons Guy.


At the time Appel wrote "Mother Simpson", he was married to the novelist Mona Simpson. He named Homer's mother Mona after her.It was Appels idea for the Simpsons-Family guy crossover Simpsons Guy not only he received McFarlane blessing(Family Guy creator) but Matt Greoning,James L Brooks and Al jean gave their approval for the wor he had done for the Simpsons.


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