Red Barclay's my name. I'm a trucker, and I've eaten steaks from coast to coast with taters and toast.
―Red Barclay, introducing himself

Red Barclay was a man whom Homer met at The Slaughterhouse. He was a trucker.


He and Homer had a contest to see who could finish the largest steak on the menu, the "Sir Loin-A-Lot". In the end, Red wins and keeps his title of champion (he was the only person other than Tony Randall to succeed in eating the steak in one hour), but suddenly dies of beef poisoning.

Homer takes over his job, since he still has one more delivery to make (Artichokes and migrant workers).

It's also implied that he tends to be placed in a bag at times, as when Homer described Red's fate to the guy he delivered the last delivery to, the man chuckled and said "Sounds like old Red, all right."


  • 'Reliable Red Barclay' is Red Barclay's aliases when he is announced just before beginning the contest.
  • Red actually blinks after he's supposedly been killed by beef poisoning.
  • Though Red died during his debut, he can be seen in the Angry Mob scene in The Simpsons Movie. This was seriously meant as a joke just to fit the majority of Springfield.
  • In The Simpsons Game, the Red Barclay Championship Belt featured in the level "Around the World in 80 Bites" is likely named for him.