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Radioactive Man in Planet of the Strange-O's

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Krusty the Clown in: Krusty's 11
Radioactive Man in Planet of the Strange-O's
Lisa Simpson in: Li'l Goodfellas
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A strange Port-O-Potty sends Radioactive Man into a truly bizarro world inhabited by chalk-faced (and vocally-eloquent) clones of himself.

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Radioactive Man arrives at a carnival to meet with Gloria Grand and uses a Port-O-Potty so he can change back into his civilian identity of Claude Kane III. While inside, he notices that there's a handle inside and pulls it twice, which causes the Port-O-Potty to vanish and reappear somewhere else.

Outside, Radioactive Man is surprised to see chalk-faced copies of himself walking around. When he tries to ask the Strange-O for help, he responds with an intelligent and well-dictated criticism on the hero's lackluster grammar. Other Strange-Os chime in, and even Gloria Grant (also a Strange-O), gives him an earful. Flying into orbit, Radioactive Man realizes that he's in a strange parallel universe.

He comes back to see that the Strange-Os are preparing to launch an invasion on his own world. Disguising himself as a Strange-O, Radioactive Man cuts the line and enters the Port-O-Potty, but he notices the handle again and flushes twice. This sends him back to his Earth, but also destroys the Port-O-Potty and stops the invasion without him knowing.


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