Radioactive Man Re-Rises is a re-boot of the Radioactive Man franchise. The original film was cancelled due to the entire budget being spent by the crew after the residents of Springfield began engaging in price gouging. A new Radioactive Man film was made with a different director, budget, actors and locations. The new story did not include anyone from or references to Springfield. According to Lenny there has been at least 2 films in between the original film and Radioactive Man Re-Rises.

The citizens of Springfield were not upset about being left out of the movie and they were not upset about the price gouging. They were upset that the cancellation of the previous movie meant they couldn't continue price gouging.

Also, the film makers and the film studio decided not to have Springfield involve in any other future Raidoactive Man Movies since then.


Lenny and Carl were discussing the film at work. After Homer kept hearing spoilers, he decided to go and watch the film but got kicked out. He then illegally downloaded it with Bart's help.


The film undoes everything from the previous Radioactive Man films. In the new film, Radioactive Man has a new suit which not only keeps him alive but is also slowly killing him. He also gets a new villain, The Collider, who turns out to be a good guy and dies, but comes back to life after the credits.

Behind the Laughter

  • The fact that the suit that keeps Radioactive Man alive is slowly killing him references the arc reactor problem Tony Stark had in Marvel's Iron Man 2.
  • The movie title is a reference to The Dark Knight Rises