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Rachel Maddow is a television host at MSNBC.


Maddow used to work at Channel 6 with her partner Kent Brockman. When the two went into the forest to investigate tires that were being dumped, it was revealed that Krusty the Clown had been dumping them.

This was because of the ill-fated Krusty Town car, which would explode if the steering wheel was gripped too tightly. After Krusty announced he owned Channel 6's news division, Maddow left and eventually became a host at MSNBC.

On her way to New York, she stopped by Springfield at Chip Davis's funeral. She told Kent about the mistake he made in the past that altered his life forever.

After Kent successfully reported the story about Bart being stuck in a floating basket, Maddow told him that they may have an opening for him at MSNBC.