Pudding on the Ritz is a restaurant in Springfield.


When Homer gained weight after starting a new diet, Marge wondered whether Homer was cheating on the diet. Then she saw a Sneakers ad on TV and decided to call the show, thinking that they might also work with diet cheating. The producers then agreed to air her story.

Homer went to the restaurant and ordered a pudding there. However, Marge captured him, with the help of a team from Sneakers. Zack told her to slap Homer, but she eventually slapped Zack and called him out for trying to split up her and Homer instead of helping them. Zack then told her that he was going to get to work on editing the footage to make Marge look more insane and the team left the restaurant.

Behind the Laughter

  • The name is a reference to the Irving Berlin song "Puttin' on the Ritz", which was introduced in the 1930 film of the same name.