Project After Party trailer ad

Project: After Party is the long-awaited sequel to the comedy film Project: Party. The preview was rated R and the trailer required age verification in order to watch.


A sponsored link took Bart and Milhouse to a website with the trailer for Project: After Party. It requires age verification to view the trailer, but is easily bypassed after Bart enter a fake age.

The trailer showed people passed out on a couch floating in a swimming pool, followed by the announcement of an after party, a tank driving through a fence and a helicopter lowering a large bong into the pool. Other scenes of the party are shown, ending with a man throwing a bucket of "bikini acid" on three women who are dismayed to see their bikinis dissolving,revealing their bare breasts.

Homer saw the nudity in the trailer, packed up the laptop and tossed it out the window. Saying he thought they installed parental blocking software on all of their computers. 

The movie is later projected onto the sails of The Relation Ship during movie night.


  • The movie could be a reference to the 2012 comedy Project X.
  • The DJ wearing a beer keg as a helmet is likely an allusion to Daft Punk.
  • The man holding the shotgun in the picture for the trailer is modeled after Danny Trejo.
  • Although rated R the content shown in the trailer would require an NC-17 rating.