Professor Pigskin is a football winner predictor used by Homer to gamble on different games. Lisa is skeptical about it saying that it probably sends out half predicting one team, half predicting the other. They keep doing that until the people who only got the right predictions pay for a subscription. She was eventually proven right in their trustworthiness after Homer paid for a subscription, and was told to bet for the Raiders, who not only were doing terribly, but the entire team was replaced with drunks after the star players all came down with the flu resulting in a resounding loss on the Raiders, and ultimately Homer's part. In large part because of this as well as Homer, presumably to ensure he didn't have to lose any of his own money, borrowing money from Fat Tony, Homer ended up having his hands "hammered out [for] a payment plan", with his being whacked with two hammers after he made the mistake of blaming Professor Pigskin.