Professor Huntington was a man who was Moe's former professor who teaches at Swigmore University.


He originally taught Moe Szyslak when he went to Swigmore University. Years later, Moe revisited Prof. Huntington in order to get back his passion in bartending. While walking with Moe, Prof. Huntington tells him that he is dying of cancer. After Moe is unable to help him, he then walks into a lake and drowns himself.

After Moe becomes dishearten with the success of his new bar "M" (along with his new clientele) and yearns for the old Moe's Tavern, Prof. Huntington comes back as a ghost and tells Moe that he rejected his friends for snobs. While Moe mentions that the tips are good, Prof. Huntington suggests otherwise when he shows him that the tip jar is as empty as it first was. He then laughs maniacally and leaves.