"Porch Pals" is an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show. It was produced after Marge successfully managed to kill cartoon violence and rather than engaging in their usual violent antics, the duo get along.

It featured special introductory titles with a new theme song indicating the pair now "Love and Share" (Literally, you can see Itchy has a heart and Scratchy with some wrapped gifts) instead of "Fight and Bite".


This lovey-dovey Itchy and Scratchy cartoon is the antithesis to the violent Itchy and Scratchy cartoons. Itchy and Scratchy drink lemonade on the porch, dancing together and at the end of the episode, Scratchy reads Itchy a bedtime story.


  • This was the first I&S cartoon where the pair actually speak, using radically different voices than heard later in the series and their eye pupils are much bigger than usual.
  • This is the first I&S episode where Itchy does not hurt and/or kill Scratchy.
  • This cartoon is heard in episode Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment, when the Simpsons get a cable and Homer is flicking through the channels. Homer then changes the channel, commenting that he had already seen it.