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(Speaking to Lisa) You can replace the tree.
―Popular Girl 4[src]

Popular Girl 4 is an unnamed student at Springfield Elementary School.


She first appeared in "Father Knows Worst", where she was part of the group of girls that were laughing at Lisa. After Lisa become popular, she and the other popular kids hung out with her. However, it didn't last long as Lisa didn't like the treatment.

In "Stealing First Base", she invited Lisa to help with jump roping, after Lisa failed her test. Eventually, it was found out Lisa was given the wrong grade and her popularity ended.

This character continues to reappear. She was one of several kids seen at KidZone Elite onboard the Royalty Valhalla. In "Let's Go Fly a Coot" she was seen with her parents at the Springfield International Airport.


She wears a pink, red, and orange dress. She has red sandals and pink headband in her hair. Her hair is brown and she wears a purple bracelet on her wrist. Unlike most characters in the show, her skin complexion is tanned. In "Springfield Splendor", she was seen wearing pink socks and magenta and white sneakers.

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