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(Speaking to Lisa on the Seesaw) Ever since you got that bad grade, you seem a lot cooler.
―Popular Girl 2[src]

Popular Girl 2 is a girl, who is part of the group of popular kids at Springfield Elementary School.


She made her first appearance in the episode "Father Knows Worst" as a background character. She appears to be friends with Allison, Janey, Sherri, and Terri.

She was one of the many girls who laughed at Lisa in the episode. In "Stealing First Base", after Lisa got an "F" on her test, she was the first of the popular kids to speak to Lisa.

She commented on how cool it was that she failed a test. Later on in the episode, she revealed that she too is an overachiever.

She use to laugh at Lisa with the other popular kids, but she and the others no longer make fun of her anymore. Since she's an overachiever, this opens up the possibility that she may have roles in future episodes.


She wears a white shirt, a striped orange and blue sweater with rolled up sleeves, long blue pants, and beige loafers. She has brown hair and a blue hair clip in her hair.

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