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(Speaking to Lisa) No, go ahead, take it. Take it way over there.
―Popular Girl 1[src]

Popular Girl 1 is a girl, who is part of the group of popular kids at Springfield Elementary school.


She first appeared in the episode "Father Knows Worst". She is part of the group of popular kids at school. At times, she and the popular kids tease Lisa.

However, Lisa has been accepted by her and the other kids quite a few times. She only spoke once in "Father Knows Worst".

She regularly appears in the background, mostly at school and sometimes outside of school. She appears to be friends with Allison, Janey, Sherri, and Terri.


She wears a white shirt with long sleeves, a green vest, blue jeans with a butterfly and star logo, and black loafers. She has light brown hair, wears a red hat, and has earrings.


  • She bares a strong resemblance to Alex Whitney, which makes some believe this character is Alex.

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