The Frying Game
Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge
Treehouse of Horror XIII

Cultural references



  • This is the second appearance of Johnny Tightlips (one of Fat Tony's henchmen.) He also appeared in "Insane Clown Poppy."
  • When the power goes out through Springfield Moe says, "Oh no the powers out? We'll miss FOX celebrity boxing." The night when this episode appeared, celebrity boxing was right after it. Barney said "I heard they'd have Ed Bradley versus Mr. Ed".
  • This episode was originally supposed to air in season 14 but FOX chose to air a "bonus episode."
  • This episode was dedicated to the memory of Stephen Jay Gould. Stephen appeared as himself in the season 9 episode "Lisa the Skeptic."
  • When Homer said someone will take his place, then he will take his place, the only people who will take his are Lenny and Carl.
  • The last time a Simpson became a cop occurred in "The Springfield Connection".
  • In "Separate Vocations" it is revealed that Homer wanted to be a police officer but was rejected due to his stupidity and in "Bart the Murderer", he pretended to be a police officer. In this episode he finally becomes a police officer.
  • The last time Homer took the law into his own hands, because Chief Wiggum was corrupt and/or incompetent, occurred in "Homer the Vigilante".
  • Drederick Tatum's line 'I think I speak for myself, Comic Book Guy and Bumblebee Man' is an in-joke, as Hank Azaria voices all three of these characters.
  • The gun Maggie uses to shoot the gangsters might be the same one Homer inadvertantly placed beside her in "Mom And Pop Art".
  • The shot of Springfield as the power goes out is a reworked version of a shot from "Days of Wine and D'oh'ses", when Bart and Lisa get a view of the town on top of Mount Springfield.


  • When the Simpson family is following the fan early in the episode, Lisa is barefooted. However after Homer goes to plug in the Santa doll, she is suddenly wearing shoes. Then after the blackout, she is barefoot again.
  • When The Sea Captain is holding the super ball, it is light blue. After he throws it, it becomes more of an aqua color.
  • When Homer is in the Kwik-E Mart, Apu offers for him to take a penny from the tray stating there's only one penny left, however when Homer takes the coin there's another in its place.
  • SpringShield was a security company, not a police force. Mayor Quimby may have turned duties to SpringShield, but he didn't say that they were the entitled police force.
  • When Maggie was looking at the fan, Maggie was in her diaper. A few scenes later, she was seen in her blue clothes.

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