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―Poonam's first word[src]

Poonam Nahasapeemapetilon is one of The Nahasapeemapetilon Octuplets. She is the daughter of Apu and Manjula.


She, along with the rest of the octuplets are a result of fertility drugs taken by Manjula, after she and Apu decided that they wanted a baby. However, Apu and Manjula swiftly find they are not up to the task of raising eight kids all at once. After talking with Larry Kidkill, the octuplets are put in a nursery at the Springfield City Zoo, where they are put on display in a show named "Octopia", several times a day. After Apu and Manjula are displeased by this, he and Homer decide to break the children out of the zoo.

Individual Activity

While the octuplets are usually shown as a group, each of them can occasionally be seen involved in doing things apart from the rest of the octuplets. Some of Poonam's activities consist of:

  • BABF03: Being washed by Manjula at the zoo, starring as Dazzle in "Octopia".
  • DABF14: Running on top of a hotdog warmer and stepping on the condiment dispensers with Nabendu at the Kwik-E-Mart.
  • FABF17: Strangling Anoop with a licorice stick and crawl under Marge Simpson's legs.




  • Poonam's first word was "mommy"[1].
  • When Poonam was a star in the show, "Octopia" at the Springfield City Zoo, she was known as "Dazzle"[2], who would be dressed as a cabaret girl and sit in a small crib that rocked a little to simulate dancing. Apparently, she wasn't too popular among the audience, based on reviews.
  • When Springfield changes its name to "Libertyville" to be patriotic after it is claimed that they hate America, Apu briefly changes Poonam's name to Apple Pie McGillicutty[3].


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