Pollitically Incorrect
Politically Incorrect is a song by Sadgasm from the episode "That '90s Show."


Sadgasm opened with this song during their first public performance at Springfield University. The angry nature of the music annoyed Marge, leading to her calling quits on her relationship with Homer.


Pain is brown.
Hate is white.
Love is black.
Stab the night.
Kingdom of Numb.
Closet of Hurt.
Feelings are dumb.
Kisses are dirt.


  • 'Politically Incorrect' is based on the Nirvana song Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
  • While Homer is performing this song, Marvin Cobain, a cousin of Kurt Cobain was present. He phoned his cousin, who was looking for a new sound at the time, during the performance and told him to listen to the song. Therefore, 'Politically Incorrect' may have inspired some of Nirvana's work.
    • This scene was a reference to Chuck Berry being phoned by his cousin Marvin in the 1985 film 'Back to the Future'.


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