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Plow King
Plowk v
Owner Barney Gumble
Use Snowplow
First Appearance "Mr. Plow"

The Plow King was Barney Gumble's plow truck which he bought to serve as a rival for Homer's plow. The truck is still being driven by Barney and he continues to plow snow around Springfield.

Non-canon appearances Edit

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The Plow King and Mr. Plow are both drivable vehicles in the game The Simpsons: Hit and Run. In the game, Homer borrows the Plow King so he can smash Mr. Burns' Limo. In a later level of the game, he sells the Mr. Plow to Bart.

Behind the LaughterEdit

Originally, the person who was supposed to be the Plow King was Lenny. However, the writers changed it to Barney as they felt Lenny didn't fit in.

Appearances Edit

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