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The Simpsons' travels outside of Springfield.

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Africa Edit


Morocco (non-canon) Edit


  • The Family win a trip here when Homer finds a golden giraffe in a box of 30 year old crackers in the episode Simpson Safari

Europe Edit

Belgium Edit

France Edit

United Kingdom Edit




Spain Edit

Sweden (non-canon) Edit

Netherlands Edit

  • In the episode "Elementary School Music" Bart and Homer escort Krusty to supposedly collect the Noble prize but instead are sent to The Hague to try Krusty for international crimes.

Asia Edit




Japan Edit

Russia Edit

  • Photo in Patty and Selma's photo album of the two at Lenin's Tomb in Principal Charming
  • File photo of Homer doing the Hopak in front of the Kremlin in Simpson Tide.

North America Edit




  • Homer, Mr. Burns and Smithers fly there and meet Castro after stealing a trillion dollar bill in The Trouble with Trillions

Mexico Edit

USA Edit

  • Arizona
    • Family goes to Scottsdale so that Marge can confront Gil in Kill Gill, Vol. I & II
    • Homer mentions that he can never go back to Lake Havasu when showing Fox network execs his “Homer Gone Wild #6” CD in Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife
  • California
    • Family goes to Hollywood to help Mel Gibson in Beyond Blunderdome
    • Principal Skinner mentions seeing photos of the Simpsons' trip to Yosemite in Lisa the Drama Queen.
    • In Angry Dad: The Movie the simpsons go to Los Angeles to get awards and stuff like that.
    • Bart, Homer and Krusty go to California in a comic called Cross Country Clown.
  • Colorado
    • Family goes to Aspen, Colorado to save Bart after he switched places with a rich boy double in Double, Double Boy in Trouble
  • Georgia
    • Homer and Bart drive a semi there in Maximum Homerdrive
  • Hawaii
    • Ned sends Homer and Bart to a leper colony in Hawaii after Lisa tricks them in Little Big Mom
  • Illinois
    • Homer and Mr. Burns visit Chicago in He Loves to Fly, And He D'ohs
  • Lousiana
    • Non-canonical where the Simpsons show up in an Officer Wiggum spin-off set in New Orleans**
  • Michigan
    • Herb Powell has his mansion in Detroit, Michigan, and the Simpsons went to visit him.
  • Missouri
    • The Simpsons go to Branson, Missouri to get Grampa, who went to find his girlfriend there in The Old Man and the Key.
    • Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and Martin pass through this place on their way to Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • New Jersey
    • Homer and Marge go to Atlantic City to escape the kids; Bart and Lisa follow in Catch 'em If You Can
    • Homer, Bart and Lisa go to Menlo Park to see the inventions in the Edison Museum in The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace.
  • New York
    • Family goes to New York city to retreive the family car after Barney left it there in The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson
    • Homer and Marge go to Niagara Falls to escape the kids; Bart and Lisa follow in Catch 'em If You Can
  • Oregon
    • Homer takes Bart to a discipline camp in We're on the Road to D'ohwhere
  • Utah
    • Family goes to the Sundance film festival in Any Given Sundance
  • Vermont
    • Family goes with Moe to see him compete in a poetry festival in Moe'N'aLisa
  • State of Springfield
    • The Simpsons move to Capital City in Dancin' Homer
    • Bart and Lisa visit Capital City on a field trip in Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade.
    • Bart and several other kids go to Shelbyville to get Springfield's lemon tree back in Lemon of Troy.
    • The Simpsons go to Shelbyville in The Severn-Beer Snitch.
    • Marge visits North Haverbrook, which was sold a monorail by Lyle Lanley.
    • Lyle Lanley sold monorails to Ogdenville and Brockway.
    • Homer gets a job working for Hank Scorpio and moves the family to Cyprus Creek in You Only Move Twice
    • Homer works as a tow truck operator and Maggie and SLH save him from Guidopolis in Midnight Towboy
    • Family use Ned's beach house in Little Pwagmattasquarmesettport as seen in Summer of 4 ft. 2
    • Bart drives to North Haverbrook after he gets a fake driver's license in Little Big Girl
    • Family enters the Witness Relocation Program to hide from Sideshow Bob. They are moved to Lake Terror which is upriver from Springfield. Seen in Cape Feare
    • Homer gets an apartment in Waverly Hills so that the kids can get into a better school district in Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D'oh

South America Edit

Brazil Edit

  • They went to Rio de Janeiro in Blame It on Lisa
  • Homer referees in the 2014 soccer world cup (You Don't Have To Live Like A Referee)

Peru Edit

Ecuador Edit

  • Homer mentions travelling through Ecuador in Lost Verizon.




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