Pious Riot (formerly Quiet Riot) is a Christian rock band.


They had a concert at the Prostate Youth Festival. Marge used it to show Bart positive examples of Protestantism. Unfortunately, Bart didn't like the band, although they have done more state fairs than The Beatles.

Behind the Laughter

Quiet Riot (which never converted to Protestantism in real life, and thus, never changed this name) is a hard rock/heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles in 1973. The band is famous for one of his founders being guitarist Randy Rhoads, who played with Ozzy Osbourne at the start of his solo career until his death in 1982, as well as for their 1983 breakthrough album, Metal Health, and having had hits with covers of Slade songs: "Cum on Feel the Noize" (which is parodied in the episode where they feature as "Come on Feel the Lord") and "Mama Weer All Crazee Now". The band briefly went on hiatus after frontman Kevin DuBrow died of a cocaine overdose in 2007, but returned with a series of singers replacing DuBrow, the current being Jizzy Pearl.